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Crash is back!
Here is the complete trophy / achievement guide for Crash Bandicoot 4
If you’re looking for an easy, stress free game that you can breeze through then this is not the game for you
However, if you’re looking for a game that will test your skill to breaking point needing pin point accuracy and the utmost perfection in timing every element of every stage then there’s no better game out there than this
Good luck!

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PS4, Xbox One
52 ~  1  2  9  40
Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
None, you can replay the levels as many times as required
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
Online Trophies / Achievements
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
75+ Hours (skill dependant)

Master Marsupial
Platinum Image

Get EVERY trophy

Beat ‘Em Any Which Way
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Beat any boss in N. Verted mode

You will need to, of course, unlock N. Verted mode for this one, this mode becomes available after you have completed the Trouble Brewing level in Tranquility Falls
Go back to the Trouble Brewing level whilst in N. Verted mode and simply defeat N. Brio again, this shouldn’t pose you that much difficulty if you’ve already done it the first time, things are just moved around a bit
Once you have defeated N. Brio, in N. Verted mode, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Backwards & Forwards
Silver Image
GS - 30

Complete ALL levels in N. Verted mode

In total, there are 43 levels in Crash 4, every one of these, including the boss levels will need to be completed in order to unlock this one
You will unlock N. Verted mode after you have defeated N. Brio in the Trouble Brewing level on the Tranquillity Falls Island, to select N. Verted mode, simply select this on any level you attempt
N. Verted mode essentially flips the level which isn’t that challenging, however, the big problem here is the fact the colours are gone and the screen fades in and out. On the flip side, the enemies and level hazards are highlighted
Here is the complete list of all 43 levels in Crash 4

  1. Rude Awakening
  2. N.Sanity Peak
  3. A Real Grind
  4. Crash Compactor
  5. Hit The Road
  6. Truck Stopped
  7. Stage Dive
  8. Booty Calls
  9. Thar He Blows!
  10. Hook, Line, And Sinker
  11. Jetboard Jetty
  12. Give It A Spin
  13. Potion Commotion
  14. Draggin’ On
  15. Off-Balance
  16. Trouble Brewing
  17. Off Beat
  18. Home Cookin’
  19. Run It Bayou
  20. No Dillo Dallying
  21. Snow Way Out
  22. Ship Happens
  23. Stay Frosty
  24. Bears Repeating
  25. Building Bridges
  26. 4th Time’s A Charm
  27. Blast To The Past
  28. Fossil Fueled
  29. Dino Dash
  30. Rock Blocked
  31. Out For Launch
  32. Shipping Error
  33. Stowing Away
  34. Crash Landed
  35. A Hole In Space
  36. Food Run
  37. Rush Hour
  38. The Crate Escape
  39. Nitro Processing
  40. Toxic Tunnels
  41. Cortex Castle
  42. Seeing Double
  43. The Past Unmasked

Once you have completed all 43 levels in N. Verted mode, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Beat a level in N. Verted mode

See Backwards & Forwards for more information

Taking the Side Road
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Complete a Bonus Path

There are several bonus paths you can take as you make your way through the game, you’re looking for any level that has a large lit up question mark on a small platform, simply jump on to this question mark to be taken to the bonus path, these will get progressively harder as you make your way through the game
Get from one end to the other without “dying” to complete the bonus path, unlocking your Trophy / Achievement in the process

The Whole Picture
Silver Image
GS - 30

Complete all Timelines

Timelines will unlock throughout the story, complete them all to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Putting Things In Perspective
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Complete any Timeline

See The Whole Picture for more information

Fleet of Feet
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Play a game of Checkpoint Race

From the main menu, select Bandicoot Battle, 2 Players, Checkpoint Race. Even though we have technically set up a 2 player game you can do this with 1 controller and playing on your own
Start any level you like, the first (Rude Awakening) is of course, one of the quickest to complete and simply run through the level, once you have completed the level, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock 

Settle the Score
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Play a game of Crate Combo

Starting from the main menu, select Bandicoot Battle, 2 Players, Crate Combo. Even though we have technically set up a 2 player game you can do this with 1 controller and playing on your own
Start any level you fancy and smash as many crates as you can, once you have completed the level, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

What Has Been, Will Be Again
Gold Image
GS - 90

Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex… again

Dr Neo Cortex is finally defeated in the level The Past Unmasked, complete the level to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

The Fourth Time
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex

Cortex is defeated in the level, 4th Time’s A Charm, once defeated your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Master Mixologist
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Defeat N. Brio

N. Brio is fought in the level, Trouble Brewing, defeat him to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Junkyard Jams
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Defeat N. Gin and his Weapon of Mass Percussion

You will fight N. Gin in the level Stage Dive, defeat him to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Silver Image
GS - 30

Defeat the Doctors N. Tropy

Doctors N. Tropy are fought in the level, A Hole In Space, complete the level to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Silver Image
GS - 30

Watch the 100% bonus ending

See Over-Overachiever for more information

Gold Image
GS - 90

Watch the 106% bonus ending

This will more than likely be the last trophy / achievement you will earn in the game, in order to do so you have a serious amount of work to do, this is a tall order
You need to do the following

  • Acquire all 228 Gems in Normal Mode, see King Of Bling for more information
  • Acquire all 228 Gems in N. Verted Mode, see Bling Fo Gnik for more information
  • Find the Blue Gem, see Sapphire-er Acquirer for more information
  • Find the Green Gem, see Emerald Gemerald for more information
  • Find the Red Gem, see Ruby Red for more information
  • Find the Yellow Gem, see Topaz Pizazz for more information
  • Unlock all 21 Platinum Flashback Relics, see Closing The Experiment Log for more information
  • Earn all 38 N.Sanely Perfect Relics, see Perfectionist for more information
  • Earn all 38 Platinum Time Trial Relics, see Faster Than Sound for more information

Once you have completed all of these tasks you should be at 106%, where your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock
Good Luck!!

Sapphire-er Acquirer
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Find the hidden Blue Gem

Go to the Tranquillity Falls Island and start the level Draggin’ On. This can be a very tricky gem to acquire, in total, there are 139 crates throughout this level and you are not allowed to smash a single one of them, this includes not killing any of the enemies as they can easily fly off smashing one or two crates in the process
Don’t be surprised if this takes you a good amount of goes to get through this level, make very good use of your double jump, trying to go around the crates rather than over them for the most part. Practice makes perfect here and if you do hit a crate, simply die to reset your crate count

Checkpoint crates also count as a crate so don’t touch them, however, you can jump on the bonus path pad to create a checkpoint
Once you have gotten through the entire level without having smashed a crate, the Blue Gem will then spawn right at the end of the level, ensure you collect this before proceeding to the end of the level, at which point, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Like a Rhinestone Bandicoot
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Earn half of the Clear Gems

See King Of Bling for more information

King of Bling
Silver Image
GS - 30

Earn ALL of the Clear Gems

Each level (except the boss levels) have 6 clear gems to collect as you make your way through. This means there are a total of 228 clear gems to collect
You can acquire these on multiple playthroughs of the level to acquire them one by one or, if you’re skilled enough you can unlock them all in one run, it’s entirely your choice
You acquire clear gems by doing the following

  • Find 40% of fruit in a level
  • Find 60% of fruit in a level
  • Find 80% of fruit in a level
  • Destroy All crates (this will nearly always give you 80% of the fruit)
  • Die less than 3 times
  • Find the Hidden Gem in each level

Once you have acquired all 228 gems, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

gnilB fo gniK
Silver Image
GS - 30

Earn ALL N. Verted Gems

After you have defeated N. Brio you will have unlocked N. Verted Mode, the requirements are exactly the same as they are in Normal Mode, see King Of Bling for details
Things are changed around a bit locations wise but nothing that should give you to much hassle
There are 228 gems to collect in N. Verted Mode, 6 for each of the 38 main levels (boss levels don’t have gems)
Once you have collected all 228 gems in N. Verted Mode, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Emerald Gemerald
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Find the hidden Green Gem

On the Mosquito Marsh Island, start the level, Hit The Road, continue through the level until you find a Nitro Crate next to a Checkpoint Crate. There will be a Trash Can to the left of the screen. Hit the trash can to drop a small car, down, then spin into the car to make it hit the Nitro Crate
Once the Nitro Crate has been destroyed, you can then collect the Green gem at which point your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Ruby Red
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Find the hidden Red Gem

The Red Gem is located in the N.Sanity Peak level on the N.Sanity Island, continue through the level until you get to the 9 platforms (3×3) that disappear and reappear
Jump on them in the following order
if we number then 1-9 from the bottom left to the middle going around, so closest left as 1, closest middle as 2, closest right as 3, middle right as 4, furthest right as 5, furthest middle as 6, furthest left as 7, middle left as 8 and middle middle as 9
Ensure you time your jumps carefully, if you do die, simply restart from number 1 again and keep trying
The Red Gem will appear on the middle platform once you have successfully navigated the puzzle. However, your trophy / achievement won’t actually unlock until you have finished the level, if you get a Game Over, you will need to do it all again, so take your time
After you have completed the level having collected the Red Gem, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Topaz Pizazz
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Find the hidden Yellow Gem

Go to the Mosquito Marsh Island then start the level Run It Bayou, from the start go right instead of getting on the jet ski, do a double jump across the water then jump across the crates and over to the platform on the left. On this platform will be 4 crates, you need to jump on them then do a double-jump getting as much air as you can, you will get an on-screen message stating “color gem found
You need to now complete the level, once you have done so, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Altitude Sickness
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Crouch or slide into a double jump

Nice and simple this one, simply run down any part of a level where there’s a half decent bit of ground in front of you then hold CIRCLE / B to slide, during the slide press CROSS, wait 1 second, CROSS / A,A to do a double jump
When you have successfully completed the manoeuvre, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Silent Protagonist
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Meet ‘Akano

‘Akano is met once you have completed the level Jetboard Jetty, once met, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Ups & Downs
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Meet Ika-Ika

Ika-Ika is met once you have completed the level Dino Dash, once met, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Reality-Shattering Proportions
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Meet Lani-Loli

Lani-Loni is met once you have completed the level N.Sanity Peak, once met, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

I Can See Through Time
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Meet Kupuna-Wa

Kupuna-Wa is met once you have completed the level Run It Bayou, once met, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

No It’s MY Turn
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Complete a level with Pass N. Play enabled

From the world map, press OPTIONS / START then choose N.PLay, Players, 2 Players, Pass Condition, Checkpoint then start the level
This can be done with 1 controller, this is essentially the dev’s idea of couch coop which is a pretty cool feature to be fair
Simply complete the level to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Ladies First
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Complete a level as Coco

After you complete the second level in the game, N.Sanity Peak you can then access the Dimensional Map, from now on you can, whilst on the main game map, press SQUARE / X to change between Crash and Coco, simply complete any level as Coco to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Sudden But Inevitable
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Betrayed! By your worst enemy

Story related and can not be missed

Model Test Subject
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Earn any Flashback Relic

See Closing The Experiment Log for more information

Closing the Experiment Log
Silver Image
GS - 30

Earn ALL of the platinum Flashback Relics

There are a total of 21 flashback relics you will need to collect as you make your way through the game, once you have these, you will unlock flashback levels
In these levels, to earn a platinum flashback relic, you will need to break every single box in the level
Once you have done so, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Silver Image
GS - 30

Earn ALL N.Sanely Perfect Relics

This is one of the hardest trophies / achievements in the game. In order to earn an N.Sanely perfect relic, you need to go through an entire level collecting 5 of the 6 gems (hidden gem isn’t required) in one run without dying once!
The earlier levels won’t give you that much hassle with this but the latter levels require such precise jumping, timing and stage knowledge, it will take you serious amount of time and a lot more skill to get this one done
Here is the list of what’s required for it to count as an N.Sanely Perfect run

  • Collect 40, 60 & 80% of the wumpa fruit (3 gems)
  • Smash every crate in the level
  • Do not die once

If / when you die in a level, simply quit back to the Dimensional map and try again, there’s not point in carrying on for this one
Fortunately, you can take as long as you need to get through a level when going after the N.Sanely perfect relic so with careful planning and a good amount of patience, it will get easier
In total, there are 43 levels in the game, 38 of which are needed to be “perfected” in order to unlock this one, the 5 boss levels don’t have gems so therefore aren’t required
Once you have earnt the N.Sanely perfect relic in all 38 levels, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock
Good Luck!

So-Called Perfectionist
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Earn any N.Sanely Perfect Relic

See Perfectionist for more information

Faster Than a Tortoise
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Earn any Time Trial Relic

See Faster Than Sound for more information

Faster Than Sound
Silver Image
GS - 30

Earn ALL of the platinum Time Trial Relics

There are 38 platinum time trial relics to acquire, the 5 boss levels do not have time trials. First up you need to complete a given level once then go back into it, collect the Gold stopwatch this will activate the Time Trial element
As you make your way through the level, a good portion of the crates will now be gold with a number on them, either 1, 2 or 3. These are vitally important to collect as they stop the clock for that given amount of seconds
Learning the placements of these boxes and ensuring you get them all whilst maintaining a very fast pace through the level is vitally important. This will definitely take a serious amount of time and skill to get through
Once you have collected the platinum time trial relic for each of the 38 levels required, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

All Gussied Up
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Try on a Skin

Keep playing through the game until you unlock any Skin, once you have done so go to your Hub then press TRIANGLE / Y to bring up the Skins, simply select any skin that is available to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Pull off a Triple Spin

See Showoff for more information

Bronze Image
GS - 15

Defeat an enemy with a Triple Spin

First up, complete the main story in the game (finish the, The Past Unmasked level) to acquire the Triple Spin, this will unlock the Whoa! Trophy / Achievement
Now to use the triple spin, you need to be running forward (any direction will do) then you need to leave a second in between each button press (SQUARE / X) for it to be a “triple spin” rather than a normal spin attack over and over again
Once you have defeated any enemy whilst performing a triple spin your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

N. Vincible
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Beat a story level without dying

The easiest level to complete this is the first level, Rude Awakening, take your time and you’ll have this done soon enough
As soon as you complete the level without dying, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

AV Club Founder
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Acquire a Flashback Tape

Go to the, The Hazardous Wastes Island then start the level Crash Compactor. Just after the start of the level is a Flashback Tape right in the middle of the bridge, complete the level after acquiring the tape to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Tree Droppings
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Find the source of the Bumpa Berries

You’re looking for the level Off Balance on the Tranquillity Falls Island. At the start of this level is a tree, jump and spin into the branches to make fruit fall from the tree, you need to allow a piece of this fruit to hit you in the head which will stun you, unlocking your Trophy / Achievement

Here Kitty Kitty
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Scare the cat hiding from a party

Get to the Mosquito Marsh Island then start the Off Beat level. Proceed through the level, just as you jump pass the pink blocks and over the Nitro crates, at the end of this path before you go away from the screen will be a large rubbish bin, spin attack this bin a few times to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Give 'Em a Broadside!
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Aim and fire!

Go to the Salty Wharf Island then get to the level Thar He Blows!. In here make your way through the level until you can see the Pirate Ship in the background, in the foreground will be 2 cannons, simply spin attack the cannons to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Bad Signs
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Do some target practice

In the Mosquito Marsh Island, go to the level Home Cookin’, as you progress through the level you will find a series of purple bird signs on large pieces of wood, very close to these signs are TNT crates / barrels
You play as Dingodile in this level, he can suck things up with his gun then fire them off in whatever direction you are facing
There are 5 purple signs you need to shoot as you make your way through the level, but take care as the TNT barrels respawn, the TNT crates do not

  • First Purple Sign ~ From the start of the level, head right, you will find the first TNT barrel in front of the purple sign, suck up the barrel, take aim and fire, when you hit the sign, move forward
  • Second Purple Sign ~ Continue through the level until you see the TNT crates on the metal squares, suck up one of the TNT crates then take aim at the purple sign just in front of you before you go left, hit the sign then continue through the level
  • Third Purple Sign ~ Once you get to the small islands in the swamp with the large street light off to the left, suck up the TNT crate on the last small island, the purple sign is just off to the right
  • Fourth Purple Sign ~ Make your way through the levl to the conveyor belts next to the Nitro crates. After the conveyor belts, you’ll be on a small island with a TNT barrel (which does respawn should you miss) to the left, suck this up then jump onto the right side of the next conveyor belt, take aim and fire at the purple sign
  • Fifth Purple Sign ~ You’ll eventually get to a purple gargoyle on a platform shooting at you, the purple sign is behind this gargoyle. Jump up and suck in the TNT barrel, use this one to take out the Gargoyle, you’re then free to jump up to the platform so you can hit the final purple sign

Once you have hit all 5 purple signs in one run, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Junkyard Jams
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Make music in an unlikely place

Starting on the Island, The Hazardous Wastes, go to the level Hit The Road. You will need to find a series of grey musical barrels for this one, there are 6 in total, 3 of which are at the start of the level, 2 on the left and one underneath the green traffic light, spin into all 3 of these then proceed through the level going over the spinning spiked traps, on the left wall near the bonus pad are 3 more barrels, these are hidden well so probably best to spin all the way down the wall
After you have hit all 6 musical barrels, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Bronze Image
GS - 10

Grabbed a bushel of Bumpa

From the Bermugula’s Orbit Island, go to the level A Hole In Space, ensure you collect every fruit you can, press CIRCLE / B if the fruit above or below you, jump when you need to and you shouldn’t have any difficulty with this one
At the end of the rail will be a golden bunch of grapes, as long as that reads 18/18, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Silence the Scientist
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Shut N. Brio up

On the Tranquillity Falls Island, go to the level Give It A Spin, after you jump over the 5 TNT crates there will be a small green dome with smoke coming out of it, spin attack this dome to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Megaphoning It In
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Shut N. Gin up

You need to be on the Hazardous Wastes Island, go to the level A Real Grind, just after the start you will see a megaphone over to the right, spin attack this megaphone to unlock your Trophy / Achievement

Hammer it Home
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Make some noise!

Go to the Draggin’ On level and hit the 4 golden gongs as you make your way through the level, you will need to hit all 4 of these in one run (don’t leave the level and come back to them)
Their locations are

  • First Golden Gong ~ Just above where the TNT is on a bunch of crates, double jump to hit it
  • Second Golden Gong ~ Go over the collapsible bridge, near where the green Dragons are floating around, double jump to hit the gong at the top of the archway
  • Third Golden Gong ~ Above where the 3 TNT crates are in front of the Tiger, you will need to get a good double jump then spin at the top of the jump to hit the gong
  • Fourth Golden Gong ~ Just after the third you will see a large golden archway, in the centre of this is a large golden gong

Once you have hit all 4 golden gongs in one run , your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

Channel Surfer
Bronze Image
GS - 10

Spend some time surfin’ the waves

At the start of the very first level, Rude Awakening, you will see a TV just off to the left of the path
Simply attack this TV a few times with SQUARE / X to cycle through the channels, once you have gone through them all, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

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