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Guns, Love And Tentacles is the second DLC offering in Borderlands 3
Below we have the complete guide for all of the trophies/achievements you can earn as you make your way across Xylourgos

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PS4, Xbox One, PC
8 ~  5  3
Release Date
Missable Trophies / Achievements
1 ~ Good One, Babe
Glitched Trophies / Achievements
Online Trophies / Achievements
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
20 Hours

Party's Still On!
Bronze Image
GS - 15

Find the party

Story related and can not be missed

Love is the Fifth Dimension
Bronze Image
GS - 30

Marry your friends

Story related and can not be missed

Older Than the Trees
Silver Image
GS - 15

Kill the Wendigo

The Wendigo boss is seriously powerful and is also the toughest Boss in the DLC, but not the final one. The Wendigo is an incendiary element monster, so cryo weapons will help you out massively here.
Fortunately, you do this fight with Sir Hammerlock, making things a tad easier, mostly because if you do go down the blushing groomsman will be on hand to get you back up.
Stay behind the Wendigo as much as you can as if it does a charge attack that can easily one-shot you on anything above normal difficulty, learn its attacks and you’ll have the beast slain soon enough and unlock your Trophy / Achievement along with it 

Good One, Babe
Bronze Image
GS - 20

Watch Deathtrap kill 50 enemies

In total, you will get an assist from Deathtrap 4 times whilst making your way through the DLC story missions
Your first encounter is shortly after you start the DLC
Your second encounter is after you first encounter up with Eleanor
During these parts, Deathtrap will get a couple of kills but nothing anywhere near close to getting the 50 required kills
Thankfully during the 5th DLC story mission called “On The Mountain Of Mayhem” Deathtrap plays a more active role so the best strategy is to survive while Deathtrap does all the killing.
You can hurt the enemies to make the kills easier for deathtrap but be careful not to kill the enemies and let Deathtrap take the lead
After this mission ends you will then start the final DLC story mission called “The Call Of Gythian” deathtrap will again make an active appearance so once again let him do all the killing
Shortly after starting the final mission is when Deathtrap comes into his own, where he’s fully charged up he can one-shot most enemies so take full advantage of this, providing you’ve been docile and let Deathtrap get the majority of the kills you’ll unlock your Trophy / Achievement.
If you have missed this, you can either farm the Empowered Grawn boss or if not, you’ll have to restart the DLC from scratch

Industrious in the Face of Cosmic Terror
Silver Image
GS - 50

Complete all Crew Challenges and Side Missions on Xylourgos

I recommend leaving this one until after you have completed the Main Story DLC, as that way, you will know your way around the areas, have all of the fast travel points unlocked and have probably discovered a fair few crew challenge locations along the way. You can collect/complete these Crew Challenges/Side Missions in any order you wish
There are 3 different sets of Crew Challenges to complete across Xylourgos, they are

Gaige’s Gifts
These are presents that are in fairly awkward positions to find, simply get to their locations, and press SQUARE/X to collect them, they’re 5 In total and they are

  • Skittermaw Basin – Bandit Camp
    Make your way up and around the side of the mountain, mantling you way up, you are looking for a plank sticking out of the side of the top of the mountain, your first gift is at the end of the plank
  • Cursehaven
    In the central area of the map, make your way up the stairs, next to the pink building, when at the top, jump across to the rooftop, proceed forward, your second gift will be on the edge of this platform
  • Dustbound Archives
    In the final section of the archives, once you’re outside, just before you face off with the boss, take a left once you’re through the gate and mantle your way up the rocks, do a jumping left turn at the end to find your third gift
  • The Cankerwood
    Make your way around the level until you’re in the bottom-right corner of The Cankerwood, when you can see Claptrap, make your way left and mantle up the cliff face, your fourth gift is against the edge of this snowy ledge
  • Negul Neshai
    Just before you go into the underside of the ship, where the rocket boosters are firing periodically, you’ll cross a small bridge, look off the left side of this bridge, drop down to a ledge, jump across the ledge back the way you came, you’ll find your fifth and final gift on this ledge

Hammelock’s Occult Hunt’s
These are essentially different versions of Hammerlock’s Legendary Hunts from the main game, there are 5 of these enemies to take down and they are as follows

  • The Yeti – Skittermaw Basin – Nethes Mines
    Nethes Mines is over to the right side of the Basin, make your way up to the top left section of the Mines, the Yeti is essentially a large Jabber, grab an incendiary weapon and you’ll have the Yeti down in no time
  • Kritchy – Cursehaven
    Go from the Withernot Cemetery fast travel point, take a right then your first left up the stairs, in this open area will be Kritchy, a very heavily armoured flying bug, bring a decent corrosive weapon to take down the armour then use whatever you have to take down the health bar
  • Gmork – The Cankerwood
    In the centre of The Cankerwood is a village, make your way around behind this village to find and take on Gmork, which is a Wolven enemy, it has armour so bring a corrosive weapon to have an easier time of it
  • Kukuwajack – Negul Neshai
    Make your way up the ship in Negul Neshai until you’re one level before you get outside, once you clear the room with the electrical wires and the cysts on the floor, go up the stairs, take your first right, proceed through to the open area where you’ll face off against Kukuwajack. Another heavily armoured enemy, so bring your corrosive weapons to have an easier time of it
  • Kratch – Heart’s Desire
    Just before you get to the area with the desk hiding the hidden button and the antler, take a right into the large open area where you’ll face Kratch. Kratch, is a smaller, weaker version of the Wendigo boss, but make no mistake, this guy packs a serious punch. Go at the fight with shock & cryo elements. You’ll down it soon enough

Mancbus’ Eldritch Statues
These are statues dotted across Xylourgos that fire a pretty powerful laser at you. Take them down quickly and at as much range as you can, there are 5 of these statues and their locations are as follows

  • Cursehaven
    Over to the right side of Cursehaven, there is a small square area, go through a doorway to get into this area, your first statue will be in the middle of this area
  • Dustbound Archives
    Take a right from Harriet’s desk just after you enter the archives area, you need to go to the top left of this area where you’ll find your second statue
  • The Cankerwood
    From the fast travel point follow the path until you can take your first right into a new area, in the first section of this new area over to the right will be your third statue
  • Negul Neshai
    Proceed through the level until you get to the area with the sentry turrets firing at you, clear them out then go as far left as you can before going through to the next section of Negul Neshai. In this room will be your fourth statue
  • Heart’s Desire
    Your fifth & final statue will be in the second to last area before the boss room in the Heart’s Desire, as soon as you enter this area, take a quick left to find and destroy the statue


There’s a handful of side missions you need to complete in the Guns, Love And Tentacles DLC, none of them are to testing. I recommend you go through the main DLC story before tackling these, that way you’ll have all of the fast travel points open.
Making these side missions easier to complete, they are as follows

Skittermaw Basin – 4 Side Missions

  • Call Of The Deep
  • We Slass!
  • We Slass! Part 2
  • We Slass! Part 3

The Lodge – 4 Side Missions

  • The Proprietor: Empty Bottles
  • The Nibblenomicon
  • Sinister Sounds
  • Happily Ever After – Only becomes available after completing the main DLC story

Cursehaven – 3 Side Missions 

  • Cold Case, Buried Questions
  • Cold Case, Restless Memories
  • The Proprietor, Rare Vintage

The Cankerwood – 2 Side Missions

  • The Great Escape Part 2 (There is no Part 1)
  • Cold Case, Forgotten Answers

Negul Neshai – 1 Side Mission

  • The Madness Beneath

As soon as you have completed every one of these elements, destroyed all statues, collected all of Gaige’s gifts, defeated all of Hammerlock’s Hunts and completed all side missions, your Trophy / Achievement will then unlock

Whispers on the Wind
Silver Image
GS - 20

Collect all ECHO logs on Xylourgos

I recommend you leave these echo logs until after you have completed the main DLC story, that way all of the fast travel points you’ll need will be accessible.
There’s a total of 18 echo logs in the DLC, none of which are missable. The echo logs will have a white light coming out of them which should help you find them, they look like small tablets essentially.
Get up to them and press SQUARE/X to collect them. You don’t need to listen to the audio for it to count towards the trophy/achievement.

Their locations are as follows

  • Echo Log 1/18 – Voices – Skittermaw Basin
    Make your way down from the Clan Amourette fast travel, go over the bridge, jump down to the right where you’ll see your echo log at the edge of the area looking over the Basin
  • Echo Log 2/18 – Breaking – Skittermaw Basin
    In the centre of Skittermaw Basin will be a large Bandit camp, make your way up to highest point, where you’ll find a building, in this building in the top left corner will be your echo log
  • Echo Log 3/18 – Uneasy Truce – The Lodge
    Up on the first floor, make your way around until you’re in the furthest set of toilets, on the right will be your echo log in a sink
  • Echo Log 4/18 – Safe Harbor – The Lodge
    Leave the Lodge as if you’re going to Cursehaven, stay right to see some lockers, to the left of these lockers will be your echo log on the floor
  • Echo Log 5/18 – The Proprietor – Cursehaven
    Start off from the Lantern’s Hook fast travel point, go directly forward staying left, when you see the pink building with the blue eyeball above it, take a left down some wooden stairs to find your echo log
  • Echo Log 6/18 – A Cure For Curses – Cursehaven
    Take a right from the Withernot Cemetery fast travel point, go in between the pink buildings. You’ll find your echo log on the far edge of the wooden platform
  • Echo Log 7/18 – Daydreams – Dustbound Archives
    From the start of the archives, proceed forward to Harriets’ desk, just before you get to the desk, take a right up the stairs, your echo log will be on a small table
  • Echo Log 8/18 – Love In The Stacks – Dustbound Archives
    Continue through the archives to find a large white hologram of a Planet, go through the room, take a left when you go through the doorway to find your echo log on a small unit
  • Echo Log 9/18 – Far From Town – The Cankerwood
    Go right from the fast travel point, keep following the right wall to find a small entryway, follow this new path all the way up. You’re looking for your echo log next to a dead fisherman on a wooden platform
  • Echo Log 10/18 – Bartering – The Cankerwood
    Make your way north from the Fermentation Station, just next to where the Fungal Gorger rare spawn enemy spawns will be your echo log on the floor over to the right
  • Echo Log 11/18 – The Heart That Eats (Part 1) – Negul Neshai
    Go through Negul Neshai until you find the Eridian ruins, inside the Eridian ruin will be your echo log on top of a small crate
  • Echo Log 12/18 – The Heart That Eats (Part 3) – Negul Neshai
    After you go up the elevator underneath the ship take a right through the partially open door, on the left will be your echo log on a console
  • Echo Log 13/18 – The Heart That Eats (Part 2) – Negul Neshai
    Continue through and up the ship to find an area with lots of tumours stuck to the wall. Go the far right side of this area, up the stairs, into a computer server room, you’ll see your echo log on the right side of this room
  • Echo Log 14/18 – The Heart That Eats (Part 4) – Negul Neshai
    Just before you go outside at the top of Negul Neshai, go up the stairs near the large red console, once you’re up the stairs closest to the console, take a quick left going back on yourself where you’ll find you echo log on a large white crate
  • Echo Log 15/18 – The Heart Still Beats (Part 3) – Heart’s Desire
    From the start of this area proceed forward, pass the fountain of tentacles, down the stairs where you’ll find your echo log on a table next to a bust of Eleanor
  • Echo Log 16/18 – The Heart Still Beats (Part 1) – Heart’s Desire
    Next to the desk with the hidden switch and the antler (main story progression) will be a small table, on which will be your echo log
  • Echo Log 17/18 – The Heart Still Beats (Part 2) – Heart’s Desire
    After you go up the small elevator, rather than going right to continue the level, take a quick left where you’ll find your echo log on a console
  • Echo Log 18/18 – The Heart Still Beats (Part 4) – Heart’s Desire
    In the final area before you drop down to the boss fight, make your way over to the far back wall, just in front of which will be a container. Your echo log will be in front of this container

Once you have collected all 18 echo logs, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

A Hunter, Through and Through
Silver Image
GS - 50

Find and kill all 4 rare spawns

Please Note – There seems to a be a lot of inconsistencies with this for XBOX Players. A lot of people have reported the Rare Spawns won’t appear until after the main story has been beaten. However, this issue isn’t there for PS4 players.
You can kill these rare spawning enemies in any order you wish. That said, with them being rare spawning enemies, they might take a good few attempts for them to appear.
The easiest way to grind these is out is to go to the location where they should be. If they’re not where they should be, save & quit until they finally spawn

The locations are as follows

  • 1st Rare Spawn – Amach – Cursehaven
    Proceed directly forward from the fast travel down to a building, if he spawns in, get ready for a decent fight. Make sure you bring a shock weapon to take his hefty shield down. Once the shield is gone, he’ll fall shortly after
  • 2nd Rare Spawn – Fungal Gorger – The Cankerwood
    Continue through the level until you find the Fermentation Station, proceed north from the station. Stay to the right when you get to the end of the valley, look up to your right to see a cave where the Fungal Gorger should spawn in front of. Once it spawns, use an incendiary weapon to rinse its health bar
  • 3rd Rare Spawn – Shiverous The Unscathed – Negul Neshai
    Not long after entering Negul Neshai, you can make your way up and around to a ledge (there is a respawn station just up from the start of this ledge to make the rare spawn easier to farm) at the end of this ledge, Shiverous The Unscathed will hopefully spawn, this definitely seems to be the rarest of the rare spawns. Save & quit until it appears, thankfully its’ barely got a health bar so it should be a short fight
  • 4th Rare Spawn – Voltborn – Negul Neshai
    Just after you use the cannon to blast a hole in the side of the mountain to proceed through the DLC, you want to make your way into the area behind the cannon, there are a lot of shock enemies in here. Hopefully, Voltborn will spawn on the ledge at the far side of this area. Using a Transformer Shield will negate all damage you’ll receive in this fight

Once you have taken down all 4 rare sawns your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

I'm Floundering Up Here
Silver Image
GS - 50

Listen to 25 fish jokes

Once you’re at The Lodge, make your way over to the right side on the ground floor, you’ll see a fish on the wall with a large hook through its’ nose. This is the fish that will tell you a joke, easiest way to grind these out, listen to a joke, save & quit, listen to another joke, save & quit.
Rinse and repeat until you’ve listened to 25 jokes at which point your Trophy / Achievement will unlock

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