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Welcome to Bloodborne, arguably one of the greatest PS4 exclusives of all time, here is the complete trophy guide to help you through every boss, collect every weapon and have the smoothest time through this fantastically horrifying experience

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34 ~  1  6  7  20
Release Date
Missable Trophies
1 ~ Hunter’s Essence, 
Glitched Trophies
1 ~ Cainhurst,
Online Trophies
None, although there is online co-op if you require it
Difficulty Rating
Approx. time to 100%
150+ Hours

Platinum Image

All trophies acquired. Hats off!

Yharnam Sunrise
Gold Image

You lived through the hunt, and saw another day

This will require you to unlock one of the 3 endings in Bloodborne and is the easiest one to unlock
To have an easier time unlocking the trophies, when you get back to the Hunter’s Dream after defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse, and the Dream is on fire, back your save up so you can get one ending then come back to the same point in the game, so you’re ready to get another of the endings without needing to complete the entire game again

When you speak to Gherman at the Hunter’s Dream, accept his offer, a cutscene will then roll and your Trophy will unlock

Honoring Wishes
Gold Image

Captivated by the Moon Presence, you pledge to watch over the Hunter’s Dream

This will require you to unlock one of the 3 endings in Bloodborne and is the standard ending
To have an easier time unlocking the trophies, when you get back to the Hunter’s Dream after defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse, and the Dream is on fire, back your save up so you can get one ending then come back to the same point in the game, so you’re ready to get another of the endings without needing to complete the entire game again

When you speak to Gherman, at the Hunter’s Dreamrefuse his offer, you will then fight Gherman, and this guy for being in a wheelchair the entire game is incredibly fast and tough, dodge at the last second and punish whenever you have an opening, watch out for his gun as that can easily stagger you leaving you open to a nasty series of attacks, once he’s down, the cutscene will roll and your Trophy will unlock

Childhood's Beginning
Gold Image

You became an infant Great One, lifting humanity into its next childhood

This will require you to unlock one of the 3 endings in Bloodborne and this one will unlock the secret ending
To have an easier time unlocking the trophies, when you get back to the Hunter’s Dream after defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse, and the Dream is on fire, back your save up so you can get one ending then come back to the same point in the game, so you’re ready to get another of the endings without needing to complete the entire game again

As you make your way through the game, there are very rare items you can find called one third of umbilical cord, even though they are called one third, there are actually 4 of them you can find and collect, in order to unlock the secret ending, you need to consume 3 of these umbilical cords, before you speak to Gherman, when the Hunter’s Dream is on fire
You can collect these umbilical cords in any order you wish, just don’t drop them or sell them as this will negate the trophy and you’ll need to playthrough the game again to find them again
Below, I’ll list off all 4 of these umbilical cords and how to find them

  • 1st one third of umbilical cord, Abandoned Workshop
    See The Source Of The Dream for information on how to access the Abandoned Workshop, once there, run inside the building, then on the rune counter will be the one third of umbilical cord
  • 2nd one third of umbilical cord, Iosefka’s Clinic
    Before defeating, Rom the Vacuous Spider (compulsory boss), and after having defeated any 3 bosses, you need to make your way to lower Cathedral Ward, from the Cathedral Ward lamp, take a left  then follow the path down pass the giant to a group of houses, go to the house with the red lantern and talk to the NPC (Arianna) there, tell her about the sanctuary at Iosefka’s Clinic, then go off and defeat Rom the Vacuous Spider, once its defeated, the blood moon will appear in the sky. After this, head to the Forbidden Woods, head down to the village and take a left, follow the slope up, keep going up and through the path to the right to be in a swamp, go to the back of the swamp to find a ladder, go all the way up the ladder, follow the path, go up another ladder to be on a rooftop, go through the open window at the end to get to Iosefka’s Clinic, Head up the stairs to find Arianna, in pain on a hospital bed, kill her to get your one 2nd third of umbilical cord
  • 3rd one third of umbilical cord, Mergo’s Loft: Middle
    Defeat the penultimate/final boss Mergo’s Wet Nurse (compulsory boss) to receive the one third of umbilical cord automatically
  • 4th one third of umbilical cord, Cathedral Ward
    Defeat Rom the Vacuous Spider (compulsory boss) then head back to the Cathedral Ward lamp, go back toward the Father Gascoine boss fight area, drop down the ladder, you will see an NPC kneeling in front of a chair, kill her to receive you 4th one third of umbilical cord
Use the 3 one third of umbilical cords, after you have defeated Mergo’s Wet Nurse and are back at the Hunter’s Dream, when you talk to Gherman, refuse his offer and defeat him, using as few blood vials as possible, after which a cutscene will begin where the Moon Presence will appear, after the cutscene, you will need to fight and defeat the Moon Presence, this is a fairly standard fight, it has a few swiping attacks and can be fairly agile, try and stick to the Moon Presences side and whittle its health down, once it’d been defeated, sit back and watch the secret ending at which point your Trophy will unlock
Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen
Gold Image

Defeat Yharnam, Blood Queen of the Old Labyrinth

I strongly recommend leaving this as one of your last trophies in Bloodborne, as completing 99% of the other trophies will set you up perfectly for what faces you here, you will especially need to collect all 3 Chalices, the Pthumeru Chalice which you receive for defeating the Blood-starved Beast, the Ailing Loran Chalice, which you receive for defeating Amygdala and the Great Chalice of Isz, which you receive for defeating Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
You can access the Chalice Dungeons in the Hunter’s Dream, the gravestones that lead up to the left. You need to make your way through the Chalice Dungeon layers 1 by 1, the dungeons themselves aren’t that difficult to navigate once you get a feel for them, as long as you’re roughly level 150+ you shouldn’t really have many issues here. At the end of each layer will be a boss you’ll need to defeat, some of these bosses are fairly simple, others can be some of the hardest in the entire game. Ultimately, you’ll need to defeat every boss you come to in order to move forward, there’s no other way around this, if you’re really struggling, go off and level up, strengthen your gear, farm for more blood vials, whatever you need to do to move through the layers
You will need a variety of materials to create the Chalice Dungeons, some of these are very simple to acquire such as Ritual Blood and Blood Echoes, some are unique items deep inside certain dungeons, for the latter Chalice Dungeons, you will need a lot of Arcane Haze, you can get this to drop from certain enemies, however, it is a lot easier to acquire if you find the Workshop Haze Extractor, which is located from a chest in the second layer of the Lower Pthumerian Chalice
To make a Chalice Dungeon, go to any of the available Ritual Altars (gravestones in the Hunter’s Dream, select the Chalice and as long as you have the required materials you can make that particular Chalice Dungeon)
Some of the Chalices will require you to collect some special items as you make your way through, below I will give you a breakdown of the Chalices requires, how many layers they have and what materials are needed where appropriate, most of the time you will receive the next Chalice by defeating the final boss in a particular Chalice Dungeon to move ever closer to the Pthumerian Queen

1st Chalice Dungeon ~ Pthumeru,
Chalice required ~ Pthumeru Chalice
Materials required ~ 1000 Blood Echoes, 2 Ritual Blood (1)
Chalice location ~ Defeat the Blood-starved Beast
Layers ~ 3
Chalice received ~ Central Pthumeru Chalice (defeat layer 3 boss)

2nd Chalice Dungeon ~ Central Pthumeru
Chalice required ~ Central Pthumeru Chalice
Materials required ~ 1800 Blood Echoes, 6 Ritual Blood (2)
Chalice location ~ Defeat layer 3 boss in Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon
Layers ~ 3
Chalice received ~ Lower Pthumeru Chalice (defeat layer 3 boss)

3rd Chalice Dungeon ~ Lower Pthumerian
Chalice required ~ Lower Pthumeru Chalice
Materials required ~ 3200 Blood Echoes, 9 Ritual Blood (3)
Chalice location ~ Defeat layer 3 boss in Central Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon
Layers ~ 4
Chalice received ~ Defiled Chalice

4th Chalice Dungeon ~ Ailing Loran
Chalice required ~ Ailing Loran Chalice
Materials required ~ 5500 Blood Echoes, 9 Ritual Blood (4), 4 Coldblood Flowerbud
Chalice location ~ Defeat Amygdala
Layers ~ 3 ~ You need to acquire 2, The Bastard of Loran from layer 3, just before the boss fight will be 2 chests, open both of these to acquire the 2, The Bastard of Loran, which is an item required for the next Chalice Dungeon, you won’t need to defeat the layer 3 boss, simply use a Bold Hunter’s Mark to leave the Chalice Dungeon
Chalice received ~ None

5th Chalice Dungeon ~ Cursed Pthumerian Defilement
Chalice required ~ Defiled Chalice ~ You will only be at 50% health here, so take care as you make your way through this Chalice Dungeon
Materials required ~ 5500 Blood Echoes, 9 Ritual Blood (4), 2 Bastard of Loran, 22 Arcane Haze
Chalice location ~ Layer 4 of the Lower Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon
Layers ~ 3
Chalice received ~ Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice

6th Chalice Dungeon ~ Pthumerian Ihyll Chalice Dungeon
Chalice required ~ Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice
Materials required ~ 11500 Blood Echoes, 9 Ritual Blood (5) 4 Red Jelly, 25 Arcane Haze, 1 Living String
Chalice location ~ Cursed Pthumerian Defilement Chalice Dungeon, layer 3 boss
Layers ~ 3
It’s at layer 3, you will face off against, Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. The fight itself isn’t that bad as long as you aren’t to aggressive. If you try taking her out quickly, she’ll show you how it’s done
Take your time with this fight, hit her a couple of times when she’s not firing off blood then back off, avoid her combos/attacks then go back in for 1 or 2 more hits, when she summons her clones, defeat them as a matter of priority, if they all hit you at once, you’ll be straight back to the Hunter’s Dream. Whittle her health down, to be honest, considering everything you’ve had to go through to get to her, you should be more than equipped to take her out
Once you have defeated, Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen your Trophy will unlock

Hunter's Essence
Gold Image

Acquire all hunter weapons

Click the button below to be taken to the complete Hunters Essence guide

Hunter's Craft
Gold Image

Acquire all special hunter tools

Click the button below to be taken to the complete Hunters Craft guide

Weapon Master
Silver Image

Acquire a weapon of the highest level

Any weapon can be enhanced to rank 10, however, choose wisely, as the materials required to reach rank 10 are incredibly rare, there is only 1 available in each playthrough in the main game, more are discoverable, but we’ll get to that later
To start off with, you need to have defeated Father Gascoine, then on the way to the Cathedral Ward, there is a chest, inside this chest will be the Blood Gem Workshop Tool, once you have this, you can then access the Blood Gem Workstation in the Hunter’s Dream
With that completed, you then need to start gathering the required materials, these are blood shards, for taking a weapon from levels 1-3, Blood-twin Shards, which are used for taking a weapon from levels 4-6, blood chunks, used for taking weapons from levels 6-9, and finally, the rarest material, the blood rock, which is used to enhance a weapon to its maximum level, 10
The further you make it through the game, the more of these materials, you’ll come across, for example up until the end of The Forbidden Woods, you’ll only be finding blood shards, by the end of the game, you have come across plenty of blood shards, Blood-twin shards and blood chunks
Try and get in the habit of enhancing your weapons as soon as you have the materials to do so as this will then give you an easier time of it getting through the latter areas in the game
The only blood rock in the main game is located after the Micolash boss fight, head to the Mergo’s Loft Middle lamp, then warp back to the Hunter’s Dream, purchase as many sedatives as you can carry and ensure you have your best frenzy resistance armour equipped
Once you’re happy, head back to Mergo’s loft Middle, ensure your sedatives are equipped as a quick item, head outside, take both flights of stairs up, then carefully get into the cage, which will descend, roughly a third of the way down will be an open window you can roll through, your timing has to be perfect here, so if necessary, go up and down in the cage a few times so you can judge the timing
From here, run across the bridge defeating the winter lanterns as quickly as possible, use the sedatives when you need to in order to remove the annoying frenzy status, go down the stairs at the end, be careful of the hole in the floor, if you fall down here, you must repeat the above steps again. Pull the lever that you’ll come to to drop the Brain of Mensis into the abyss, drop down through the hole to your right, get outside, taking care of your footing, drop down again off to the right, to find a corpse with the blood rock
There are also blood rocks in the 5th floor of each of the Pthumeru, Loran and Isz root chalice dungeons
Update ~ Since the release of patch 1.09 you can now purchase 1 blood rock per playthrough from the Insight shop in tthe Hunter’s Dream for 60 Insight
Once you have successfully upgraded a weapon to +10, your Trophy will then unlock

Blood Gem Master
Silver Image

Acquire an extremely precious blood gem

As you make your way through Bloodborne, you will undoubtedly be collecting a fair few blood gems, these enhance the power of your weapons at the weapon bench in the Hunter’s Dream
In order to unlock the Blood Gem Master trophy, you need to find a Blood gem at a rank of 15 or above. To see the rank of the Blood gem, open your inventory, scroll right to the Blood Gems tab, underneath the name of the blood gem will be 3 bars with a number next to them, this number is the level of the blood gem.
Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a fixed location for one of these, however, you should be able to get plenty as you go deep into the Chalice Dungeons which is required for the platinum, the higher grade blood gems are a random rare drop/spawn from the deep level dungeon bosses or treasure chests
Simply go off and farm a few of the bosses/chests on the layer 4 or below Chalice Dungeons, once you do acquire a level 15 or above blood gem, your Trophy will unlock

Rune Master
Silver Image

Acquire an extremely precious Caryll Rune

An extremely precious Caryll Rune is essentially a Rune that is fully lit when you acquire it/go to the rune workshop bench in the Hunter’s Dream.
There are several of these type of Caryll Runes throughout the game,so you’ll more than likely collect one through natural play. The earliest opportunity you can get one of these Runes is in Cathedral Ward
You need to have defeated The Blood-starved Beast then make your way back to the Cathedral Ward lamp in order to get this trophy.
Once you’re back at the lamp, through the now open right door, call the elevator if it isn’t there already, then turn around and run against the wall to go through a secret pathway, follow this pathway around, drop down off of the rooftop, take a right through the open door. Just inside the building will be a chest  on your right, open this chest to receive your precious Caryll Rune, Formless Oedeon
Once you have acquired an extremely precious Caryll Rune, your Trophy will unlock

Silver Image

Gain an entry to Cainhurst, the lost and ruined castle

To gain access to Cainhurst castle, you have a lot to do, first up, proceed far enough through the game and take out Vicar Amelia, gain access to the Forbidden Woods by examining the skull on the Altar, receiving the password, once you get to the village in the Forbidden Woods, take a left, up the ramp, follow the path round to the right to be in a swamp-like area
Get to the very back of this area to find a walkway leading up to a ladder, go all the way up this ladder, across the rooftops to be back in Iosefka’s Clinic, Go through the clinic to find the Cainhurst Summons
With that done, head to Churnel Lane and defeat the Witches of Hemwick boss, with that done, head back down the slope you had to go up to get to the Witches, there will be a large stone sticking out of the ground, directly opposite the base of the slope, before interacting with the large stone, ensure you defeat every enemy in the area as this can sometimes glitch the trophy, especially if you don’t have any of the patches installed
Once you’re confident everything in the immediate area  of the large stone is dead, interact with the large stone, to start a cutscene
Once the cutscene has finished, you can then proceed up and through the opening gate, which will then unlock your trophy, if for whatever reason, your trophy doesn’t unlock here, proceed through the grounds and enter the castle to then ensure your Trophy will unlock

The Choir
Silver Image

Gain entry to the realm of the Choir, the high stratum of the Healing Church

You’ll need to complete a lengthy, dangerous set of steps to be able to access the realm of the Choir, first up, proceed far enough through the story until you have defeated Rom, the Vacuous Spider, after this, head over to the Great Cathedral, careful as there’ll more than likely be a very powerful NPC waiting for you here
Once outside the Great Cathedral, take a left and follow the path all the way down to the Amygdala, be careful through here as there are several very powerful enemies
Once you can see the Amygdala, run straight through, don’t stop, continue through to be in Yahar’gul, Unseen Village, ensure you use the lamp here so if you die have a shorter distance to backtrack
From the lamp, head down the stairs, take a right and follow the path through, then head down, don’t proceed through the doorway, instead, take a left, through the broken section of wall, go to the end of the corridor then take a quick right and go down the stairs, take a left  going through the open door, go down the stairs, then back up the stairs opposite, take a right then look for a broken section of railing, carefully drop through this opening then head right, drop off the ledge to the left to land in a cell, collect the Upper Cathedral Key then head back to Cathedral Ward
Your next step is to ensure you have defeated the Blood-starved Beast which will open the right door in the same room as the Cathedral Ward lamp, head through this door, take the elevator up, take a left through the doorway, cross the walkway, in the building, take the stairs up, then head out onto the ledge, ascend the ladder, take a left, go through the room to be able to use the Upper Cathedral Key on the door, once through the door, your Trophy will unlock

The Source of the Dream
Silver Image

Discover the abandoned old workshop, the source of the Hunter’s Dream

First up, you need to have defeated the Blood-starved Beast, with that done, make your back tot he Cathedral Ward lamp. From the lamp, head through the now open door on the right, take the elevator up, then head around the building, go through the open doorway, be very careful in here as one slip and you’re going to have a lot of time to think about the mistake before you hit the bottom
First off you need to have a fairly decent lifebar just to survive the falls you need to make, on the starting platform, walk forward a few paces then turn around, face the doorway you just came through, stand on the far right side of the ledge, then roll off up and diagonally right to land on a platform, heal immediately, before moving, back up to full health
From this platform, as long as you’re still facing the wall, walk off to your right fall down onto another ledge below, you will find a door, go through this door to be in a copy of the Hunter’s Dream, walk forward a few steps to unlock your Trophy

Nightmare Lecture Building
Silver Image

Gain entry into the Byrgenwerth lecture building, that drifts within the realm of nightmare

First up, you need to get the Tonsil Stone from the Forbidden Woods, under the Grand Cathedral. Make your way through the first part of the woods until you reach a village, stay to the left, going up a ramp next to some broken railings, you will encounter some dog enemies here, you’re looking for any house with a red lantern outside of it, interact with an NPC inside of the house (you won’t be able to enter) to receive the Tonsil Stone
Now that you have this, head back to the Cathedral Ward lamp, leave Cathedral Ward through the left door, then head over to the railings on the right, an Amygdala will pick you up and transport you over to the Nightmare Lecture Building
Once the cutscene has ended, your Trophy will unlock

Father Gascoigne
Bronze Image

Defeat the beast that was once Father Gascoine

The first compulsory boss in the game and a very challenging one, ensure you are appropriately levelled to go into the fight, have a full stock of blood vials and have your best weapons equipped. Keep your distance whilst Gascoine is performing a combo and dodge left when he fires off his gun
Around halfway through the fight, Gascoine will transform into a much stronger version, dodge his combos then get in there and punish him, try and stick to his back as much as possible, once he’s down your Trophy will unlock

Vicar Amelia
Bronze Image

Defeat the beast that once was Vicar Amelia

The second cumpolsory boss in Bloodborne, You will fight Vicar Amelia in the Great Cathedral, she can be challenging if you try and fight her at range so stay up close and stick to her back-left to avoid most of her attacks, once she’s down to 50% health, she’ll start using much stronget attacks, so pay close attention to her combos, get out of the way of them then get in there and punish her. Once she’s down, your Trophy will unlock

Shadow of Yharnam
Bronze Image

Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam

The third compulsory boss you need to face off against, once you have made your way through The Forbidden Woods underneath Cathedral Ward
The Shadow of Yharnam is a trio of hard hitting enemies that utilise powerful attacks/combos and very powerful Arcane magic
Your best bet is to ensure you are appropriately levelled before going in for the fight, then deal with them one at a time, whilst keeping a very good eye on the other 2, once there is one Shadow left, it will then start using even more powerful arcane magic and spouting fire from its weapon
Bolt paper works very well in this fight, only heal when necessary so as not to run out of blood vials.
Once you have downed all the of the Shadow of Yharnam, your Trophy will unlock

Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Bronze Image

Defeat Great One: Rom, the Vacuous Spider

The fourth compulsory boss in Bloodborne and definitely one of the more challenging ones, Rom, as big as he is, isn’t actually that difficult to beat, his entourage of spiders however are another story, the smaller enemies are the real boss fight in this arena
The biggest problem you’re going to face here are the spiders dive bombing you from above and Rom summoning arcane magic from below. Just before Rom uses any of his magic he will glow blue for a second, so keep a close eye on him, deal with the spiders first off, as once they’re out the way, the fight becomes trivial
Every time Rom loses a third of its health, it will then teleport off to a different part of the arena regaining its entire spider entourage in the process
Rom will also gain increased attack/magic power and slightly higher defence, rinse and repeat the first step, taking out the majority of the spiders, as soon as you have a clear shot at Rom, make sure you take it
As soon as you’ve defeated the Vacuous Spider, your Trophy will unlock

The One Reborn
Bronze Image

Defeat the One Reborn

The One Reborn is the fifth compulsory boss, and is very easy if you approach it properly, if you go straight in for the boss, you’ll be back in the Hunter’s Dream before you really know what happened
As soon as the One Reborn is…erm… Reborn (cutscene) get straight up to the balconies overlooking the left and right of the courtyard, you can access these at the far end of the arena. Defeat all of the mages up here that would otherwise pepper you with strong magic throughout the fight, once they’re both defeated, use some fire paper on your strongest weapon and slash away a the One Reborn, around halfway through the fight, it will start using a very strong AOE attack, you don’t want to be any where near this attack when it goes off as it can one hit kill if you’re not appropriately levelled
The boss will also make it rain blood on you which can hurt you quite heavily, so avoid this as best as you can, other than that, stay on its back and take health off whenever you can
As soon as the One Reborn is defeated, your Trophy will unlock

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
Bronze Image

Defeat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

Micolash is the sixth compulsory boss, you’ll need to face as you make your way through the story in Bloodborne and he is definitely up there with the most frustrating bosses, continue up and through The Nightmare of Mensis to face off against Micolash, he will, at first, keep running away from you, there are a good deal of skeletons to deal with in this area, but just run pass them unless you have no other choice, eventually, Micolash will drop down through a hole in the floor, follow him down here where you will be able to face off against him, he may seem completely crazy, but he can hit you with some incredibly powerful magic
Onec you have got his health down far enough, the chase will start again, keep running after him until he drops down again, this time, you can finish him off, same strategy as always here, wait for the combo/attack, then dodge left/right, get in there and punish him
Once he’s defeated, your Trophy will unlock

Mergo's Wet Nurse
Bronze Image

Defeat Great One: Mergo’s Wet Nurse

The penultimate/final boss depending on the decisions you make at the end of the game, Mergo’s Wet Nurse can be a very challenging fight if you go in under prepared, to be honest, if you’ve made it this far, you should be more than equipped to deal the wet nurse
One thing to watch out for is when she makes the boss arena go all foggy, she can attack you with some devastating combos during this time, an easy way to get around this is to simply run clockwise around the arena to avoid her attacks, if she does get to close, simply dodge forward then keep running, keeping a close eye on your stamina bar, make good use of firebombs as and when you can, you should have her down soon enough, if the fight is too challenging, go off and level up a few times then come back to take her down.
Once she’s been defeated, your Trophy will unlock

Cleric Beast
Bronze Image

Defeat Cleric Beast

The first optional boss in the game, you can find the Cleric Beast in Central Yharnam, go at the top left of the level, a simple enough fight, avoid its combos then get in there and hit him a few times, firebombs work very well here, pay attention to when its at around 50% health, it will then start to try and grab you which can ruin your health if you’re under-levelled
Once the Cleric Beast is down, your Trophy will unlock

Blood-starved Beast
Bronze Image

Defeat Blood-starved Beast

Every game by FromSoftware I’ve ever played always has a “brick wall boss”, a boss that is incredibly challenging given the stage of the game and is where a lot of people will quit the game and not bother with it anymore
The Blood-starved Beast is the brick wall in Bloodborne, an incredibly challenging, fast, tough opponent that can also poison you
First up, you actually need to find this thing which can be a pain in itself, make your way left from the Cathedral Ward lamp, take the left path down, kill all of the enemies, watching out for the dogs, proceed up the stairs to the left, pull the lever inside the building, opening a new path down
Follow this path all the way down to find Old Yharnam, in here can be quite challenging, mostly because of Djura, an NPC that has a gatling gun and a pretty decent aim, get down and around behind Djura, either take him out or keep heading down through the pathways/building to end up in a courtyard, deal with all of the enemeis here then go outside, there is a shortcut  available if you take a right, when outside
Head down through the town with the wolf-like beasts, you need to find a long slope heading down, at the base of this graveyard will be the Blood-Starved Beast
Make very good use of fire in any form, either firebombs or fire paper, bring some antidotes with you to counter the poison effect the Beast can inflict on you, stay as agile as possible, if it starts using a combo, get out of the way of it, stay to his back-left side and whittle its health down, once defeated, your Trophy will unlock

The Witch of Hemwick
Bronze Image

Defeat the Witch of Hemwick

Easily the simplest boss fight in the game, however, if you get caught out, you can die in seconds, so you still need to be aware for this one
Essentially, you’re fighting a single Witch to start off with, she will disappear and reappear in different parts of the level, keep moving anti clockwise to have an easier time of finding her
She will also start summoning Mad Ones, which are the dark shadow looking enemies, these guys can be tough, especially if you get mobbed so deal with them or run away from them whilst keeping focus on the Witch
Once she’s nearly dead, another Witch will join the fight, this one is a bit nastier as she can stun you in place then instantly kill you, keep an eye for her casting magic and roll to avoid it, once you have defeated both of the Witches of Hemwick, your Trophy will unlock 

Darkbeast Paarl
Bronze Image

Defeat Darkbeast Paarl

First up, you need to have defeated Rom, the Vacuous Spider, then make your way to Yahar’gul, Unseen Village (from the Grand Cathedral, take a left, follow the path all the way down pass the Amygdala). Once here, proceed through Yahar’gul to the second lamp, from here, make your way forward, pass all of the enemies, then when in the large building with the 3 npcs’, take a left down the spiral staircase, go through the door on the right. Stick to the left through the cells all the way to the end, take a right, go through the hole in the broken wall, follow this path to the end then jump down to face off against Darkbeast Paarl
This entire boss is made out of Lightning so bring some fire paper with you to have an easier time of it, the Darkbeast has attacks similar to the Blood-starved Beast, stay behind it as much as you can to avoid its frontal swipes. Pay close attention to when the Beast charges itself up, it will do a good few attacks then release a very powerufl AOE attack then can decimate you if you’re caught in the middle of it, so keep a very close eye and dodge back where needed
Once Darkbeast Paarl has been defeated, your Trophy will unlock

Bronze Image

Defeat Great One: Amygdala

A fairly hard fight to get to and then an even harder fight to get through the other side of. You need to get to the Nightmare Frontier, you can do this by collecting the Tonsil Stone from the house with the red lantern outside in the Forbidden Woods (from the first lamp, follow the path to the village then take a left, up the slope, follow the path round to find the house) then from the Grand Cathedral lamp, take a left out of the door, stand make your way down as if you’re going off to Yahar’gul, Unseen Village, instead of running pass the Amygdala, allow it to collect you, which will then transport you to the Nightmare Lecture Building, run straight down to the end of the Nightmare Lecture Building and go through the door to find yourself in the Nightmare Frontier
Once you are here, light the lamp then ensure you are fully stocked up on antidotes and sedatives, as you’ll need plenty of both to be able to get to the Amygdala boss fight.
Make your way up then down into a swamp like area, go directly across this swamp you’re looking for a small entrance just behind a troll throwing large rocks at you. Once you’re through the small cavern, keep making your way down to the bottom level of this area, taking care of the Winter Lantern on the way down, then make your way up the broken rocks to find a walkway. Across this walkway is the Amygdala boss fight, you can take a right when at the bottom to find an elevator shortcut, which will make getting back here easier should you die to Amygdala.
Now we’ve found Amygdala, the easy part is done, this boss hits like a train, has incredible reach and can end you incredibly quickly with a very powerful laser attack if you happen to get caught in the blast. Always try and aim for the head of the Amygdala, if you go for the back legs, you will be doing 10/20 damage at best, roughly halfway through the fight, Amygdala will rip 2 of its arms off, seriously extending the range of all melee attacks. Every so often, Amygdala will jump in the air, always dodge to where he was standing to be placed right next to its head allowing you to unleash some serious damage
Once you have defeated Amygdala, your Trophy will then unlock

Martyr Logarius
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Defeat Martyr Logarius

Martyr Logarius is an optional boss in Bloodborne and is located the very top of Castle Cainhurst
First off, please see Cainhurst for information on how to get to this Forsaken Castle then once inside, go through the rooms, libraries, balconies and rooftops to be in a large library with a ladder at the end, pull the lever near the library to be able to ascend it, then once on the rooftops follow the path upwards all the way until you are on a long sloped rooftop, this is where you will fight Martyr Logarius. Run forward to start the boss fight, Logarius is a very powerful, fast boss with some strong homing magic.
The magic is easy enough to avoid if you use the chimneys for cover, when Martyr Logarius  jumps into the air be prepared to dodge out the way of a large attack. Employ the same strategy as usual, don’t use blood vials unless you really need to fire paper will be a good thing to have here to take him out faster.
Once Martyr Logarius has been defeated, your Trophy will unlock
Please Note ~ Ensure you collect the loot the boss drops after the fight to be able to gain an audience with Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods which is needed if you’re going for the platinum

Celestial Emissary
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Defeat Great One: Celestial Emissary

To be able to battle the Celestial Emissary optional boss, you will need to have gotten to the optional area of the game, Upper Cathedral Ward, see The Choir for information on how to get here
Once you have made it there, ensure you are at a very high level as this area is very tough if you’re even slightly under-levelled. From the lamp, head left go up the stairs, go down the stairs into the darkness, through the door on the right side of the area. Be careful of the Brainsuckers in this area, they can lock you in place then inflict some very powerful damage to you. Head up to the highest section of the area to find 2 Brainsuckers, kill them both, one of them will drop you the Orphanage Key, get back to the lowest area where the beasts are, this time go straight forward and use the Orphanage Key on the large set of double doors. Follow the path up and to the right, until you get to the Lumenflower Garden, it’s here you will face off against the Celestial Emissary
The Celestial Emissary is a one against many fight essentially, you’ll have to deal with lots of Celestial Mob as well as the emissary itself, whilst the Celestial Mob will try and attack you, the Emissary hangs back, so attack it as a matter of priority. Once it’s down to 50% health the Celestial Emissary will grow significantly and start attacking you along with the Celestial Mob, take care not to get surrounded as you can die very quickly here, deal with the Mob as required and keep attacking the Celestial Emissary until it’s been defeated, fire paper will help a lot in this fight
Once you have defeated the Celestial Emissary, your Trophy will unlock
Please Note ~ Ensure you light the lamp in the Lumenflower Gardens before leaving to have a much easier time getting to the next optional boss, Ebrietas, Daughter Of the Cosmos

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
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Defeat Great One: Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

Following on directly after the Celestial Emissary boss fight, ensure you light the lamp in the Lumenflower Gardens. Once this is done, look st the window at the back of the gardens and roll through it to be in a new area.
Follow this area to the end, pull the lever  to summon an elevator, take the elevator down, then run forward into the large cavern, this is where you will fight Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
This fight isn’t to bad as the bosses in Bloodborne go, make sure you always try and stay on either one of her sides, if you try and tackle her head on, she’ll have you back at the Hunter’s Dream very quickly. One attack of hers to watch out for is when she raises up and fires off some very powerful homing streaks of magic towards you, if this catches you it could be an early loss, make good use of bolt paper for the first half of the fight then fire paper for the second half, bring some sedatives and antidotes which should be standard by this stage of the game anyway and you’ll take her down soon enough
Once you have defeated, Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos, your Trophy will unlock

Blood Gem Contact
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Acquire a blood gem that imbues hunter weapons with special strength

You’ll naturally earn this as you make your way through Bloodborne, all you need to do is collect a tempering bloodstone you can use at the Weapon Bench in the Hunter’s Dream to enhance the power of your weapons, these are different from the blood stone, twinshards, chunks and bloodrocks
A guaranteed place to find a tempering bloodstone is from the Cathedral Ward lamp, head out the left door, stay left going down the path, kill/run pass the Huntsmen and dogs, go up the stairs to your left, pull the lever to move the tomb, go down the stairs  under the tomb, at the back of this room will be a corpse which holds a tempering bloodstone, collecting this will unlock your Trophy

Rune Contact
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Acquire a Caryll Rune that endows hunters with special strength

There are plenty of opportunities to get this done as you make your way through the game, however, if you’d like it done sooner rather than later, defeat the Blood-Starved Beast, then head back to Cathedral Ward, once there, take a right through the now open door, ride the elevator up. Deal with the enemies on the same floor as you find yourself on, then at the back of the room will be a chest, in this chest is the Caryll Rune, Communion, with the Rune found your Trophy will unlock

Chalice of Pthumeru
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Acquire the Chalice of Pthumeru that seals the catacombs that form a web deep below Yharnam

You receive the Chalice of Pthumeru for killing the Blood-starved beast, once its down and you receive the Chalice, you can then access the Pthumeru Chalice dungeons from the Hunter’s Dream gravestones leading up to the left of the Hunter’s Dream
Once you have acquired the Chalice of Pthumeru, your Trophy will unlock

Chalice of Ailing Loran
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Acquire the Chalice of Ailing Loran that seals the tragic land lost to the sands

You’ll receive the Chalice of Ailing Loran for killing Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier
Please Note
 ~ On occasion, the game can give you the Lower Loran Chalice instead of the Chalice of Ailing Loran, ignore this as it’s just a typo on the dev’s part
Acquiring this Chalice will allow you to access the Loran Chalice dungeons, from the Hunter’s Dream gravestones leading up to the left of the Hunter’s Dream
Once you have acquired the Chalice of Ailing Loran or the Lower Loran Chalice, your Trophy will unlock

Chalice of Isz
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Acquire the Great Chalice of Isz that seals the home of the cosmic kin

You’ll receive the Great Chalice of Isz for defeating Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos, in Upper Cathedral Ward, see Ebrietas, Daughter Of The Cosmos for to find out how to get to her
Acquiring this Chalice will allow you to access the Isz chalice dngeons, from the Hunter’s Dream gravestones leading up to the left of the Hunter’s Dream
Once you have acquired the Great Chalice of Isz your Trophy will unlock

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