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As you make your way through The Old Hunter’s DLC, there are a total of 16 weapons you can find broken down into 11 right handed (melee) weapons and 5 left handed (firearm) weapons. You won’t need to equip any of them, simply having them in your inventory is enough to unlock the trophy
You also need to ensure you have the Black Church Armour set (left out of the Cathedral Ward lamp area, follow the path up through the gate, take a right down the stairs, the armour is on a corpse) in your inventory so you can get the Holy Moonlight Sword

Below I’ll list off every old hunter weapon you can acquire throughout the DLC

Beast Cutter

Hunter’s Nightmare
Make your way outside then take an immediate right up the ramp, deal with the enemies and the hunter, continue going up until you’re on the left side of the long staircase leading up the middle of the area as if you were going up to Grand Cathedral in the main game. Turn around and drop down to the right, the Beast Cutter will be on a corpse, careful here as there a good amount of hunter’s around this location

Boom Hammer

Hunter’s Nightmare
Continue through the DLC, until you get to the bridge with the wooden guns firing at you, continue down and around taking out the hunter then go into the building, on the ground floor against the back wall will be the Boom Hammer, careful here as the old man in the wheelchair is a bomb that can easily kill you if you’re caught in the blast, trigger the bomb then go back for the Boom Hammer once it’s safe to do so

Piercing Rifle

Hunter’s Nightmare
From the Boom Hammer location, leave via the left door then proceed up the stairs, up here will be a hunter in beast form which can be a very challenging fight, fortunately, he’s very easy to parry and visceral attack, once you’ve defeated the hunter, loot his body for the Firing Hammer Badge, this Badge will allow you to purchase the Piercing Rifle (20,000 Blood Echoes) from the bath messenger in the Hunter’s Dream

Gatling Gun

Hunter’s Nightmare
Quite a challenging old hunter weapon to acquire, unfortunately, you have to kill a Huntsman which is wielding the Gatling Gun, in order to collect the Gatling Gun. From the house where we collected the Boom Hammer (2nd old hunter weapon on this list), leave via the right door, drop down into the blood river then take a right, go down into the cave at the end, you’ll see the Huntsman as soon as you enter firing the Gatling Gun at you, dodge to the right for cover then take him down as quickly as you can, the Beast Roar hunter tool is very useful here, once you’ve taken the Huntsman out, loot his corpse to collect the Gatling Gun

Amygdalan Arm

Hunter’s Nightmare
From the same cave you went in to acquire the Gatling Gun, continue through the cave to find yourself in a cavern, over to the right of this cavern near the back is the Amygdalan Arm

Simon’s Bowblade

Hunter’s Nightmare
There are 2 ways of obtaining Simon’s Bowblade, you can either do a lengthy side-quest involving lots of steps and mucking around, where the reward is Simon’s Bowblade, alternatively, you can kill Simon the Harrowed when you first meet him and get the Bowblade that way, so that’s what we’ll do here. From the house where we obtained the Boom Hammer (2nd old hunter weapon on this list) leave out of the right side door, drop down into the blood river then go left, go up the stairs on your left, across the bridge dealing with the huntsmen, continue across the bridge, go down the slope, ensure you open the shortcut (doors leading back to the lamp) before tackling Simon as he can be quite tough, stay up close to him so he can’t use his Bow and you’ll have him down soon enough, once he’s been defeated, you’ll automatically acquire Simon’s Bowblade

Beasthunter Saif

Hunter’s Nightmare
Continue through the DLC to the blood river then head through the cave and around to the area with the hunter surrounded by crows, deal with them then head up the ladder on the left. Once up here, stay left and drop down, there is a powerful hunter down here so either make a break for the Beasthunter Saif which is the item you’ll see off in the distance before you drop down, if you die you’ll still keep the Saif, or take out the hunter then collect the Beasthunter Saif

Whirligig Saw

8th old hunter weapon, Whirligig Saw, Hunter’s Church
From the Hunter’s Church lamp (right pass the Executioners just before you fight Ludwig, the Holy Blade). Go down through the floor and across the wooden walkways, there is a very powerful hunter here so take him out to prevent him following you. Once he’s dealt with, drop down, follow the path forward all the way, go up the small stone ramp at the end, before you drop down, collect the Whirligig Saw

Holy Moonlight Sword

Hunter’s Church
In order to acquire the Holy Moonlight Sword, you need to defeat Ludwig, The Holy Blade, please see Ludwig, The Holy Blade for information and strategy on how to defeat him. Once he’s defeated, there is a small chance his head won’t actually hold the Holy Moonlight Sword, if this is the case, you need to warp back to the Hunter’s Church lamp, equip the Black Church set, which you can acquire from Cathedral Ward in the main game, leave Cathedral Ward through the left door, go up the stairs, go across the courtyard to your left, through the door, continue through the area to find the Black Church set on a corpse, equip every item in this set then go back to the area where you defeated Ludwig, The Holy Blade, interact with his Head to acquire the Holy Moonlight Sword

Fist of Gratia

Underground Corpse Pile
From the area where you defeated Ludwig, continue up to the cells, at the end of this corridor will be an open cell on the right, in here on a corpse will be the Fist of Gratia

Church Cannon

Underground Corpse Pile
Continue through the DLC until you reach the Altar elevator, step on this platform to make the elevator go up, jump off before it starts moving, another Altar will come up from below, collect Laurence’s Skull, then pull the lever to send the current Altar elevator down, step on this elevator to go down with the Altar, there is a chest down here that will contain the Church Cannon

Loch Shield

Research Hall
Once you have gotten far enough through the Research Hall, you will be at the top of the staircase, turn the staircase once then make your way back down. There will be a staircase that will take you down to a platform, on this platform is the Loch Shield

Church Pick

Research Hall
Directly after collecting the Loch Shield (13th old hunter weapon on this list), make your way up the first flight of stairs, go along the walkway to the end, there will be a door on your right, just inside this door is the Underground Cell Key, once you have this backtrack to the Ludwig boss fight area, either by lamp or travelling there on foot, go back up to the cells, roughly halfway up on the right, you can use the Underground Cell Key on one of the cell doors, this will initiate a fight against a very strong, extremely aggressive Hunter, take him out to acquire the Church Pick


Fishing Hamlet
Continue through the Fishing Hamlet until you come to a large open area with water on the floor and a well in the centre, you can either make a break for the well or take out the enemies surrounding the well, bear in mind, however, once you are down the well, you will have a seriously tough fight to get through. The fight in question will be against, firstly, one incredibly aggressive, fast, tough, large shark type enemy, this guy is as big as a truck and hits a lot harder, use Fire paper and all of your skills to defeat it, unfortunately, once you have it down to around 2 thirds of its’ health, another will show up, focus on the one you have already damaged and get rid of it as soon as you can, leaving you with a one on one fight, once you eventually take both of these monstrosities out, the Rakuyo will then drop, ensure you collect this before leaving the area


Lighthouse Hut / Underground Corpse Pile
If you went through Simon the Harrowed’s side quest, you can talk to him in the Lighthouse Hut, and receive the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key, however, since we killed him to receive Simon’s Bowblade (6th old hunter weapon this list) you will find this Key, just next to the lamp in the Lighthouse Hut. Collect the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key then fast travel back to the Underground Corpse Pile lamp (Ludwig boss fight), make your way up the cells, go down through the cell you opened to acquire the Church Pick to find a door, open this door, kill the NPC in here who is slumped next to the bed, wait roughly 30 seconds where the Bloodletter will then be collectable

Kos Parasite

Lighthouse Hut
You need to defeat who is widely regarded as the toughest fight in the entirety of Bloodborne, the Orphan of Kos, please see the Orphan Of Kos for information and strategy on how best to approach the Great One, once he’s been defeated, you will automatically receive the Kos Parasite

Once you have collected all 16 old hunter weapons, your Trophy will then unlock

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