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In total, there are 9 special hunter tools to acquire as you make your way through the main game in Bloodborne, these are essentially very useful items mostly containing some very powerful magic
 You don’t actually need to equip them, as some have some hefty 
stat requirements in order to do so, but you do need to find and collect them

Below, I’ll list off all 9 special hunter tools, their locations and how to get there where necessary

Beasts Roar

Forbidden Woods
Once you have defeated Vicar Amelia, and have gained access to the Forbidden Woods, follow the paths down until you come to the village, take the left path up, to find a few scattered houses, continue through this area to find some Crows and dog kennels, just pass this area is a house, inside this house on a corpse will be the Beasts Roar

Old Hunter Bone

Abandoned Workshop
See The Source Of The Dream for information on how to access the Abandoned Workshop, once there, head up the stairs to the left of the workshop, you will see The Old Hunters Bone on a gravestone to the right of the doorway

Empty Phantasm Shell

From the Byrgenwerth lamp, head around the left side of the building, all the way to the right where you can then enter, take your first left, when inside to find a chest, inside this chest will be the Empty Phantasm Shell

Executioner’s Gloves

Cainhurst Castle
Please see Cainhurst (click the button below to go back to the main game guide then go to Cainhurst for information on how to get there)
Once there, proceed to the castle, go up the stairs, take a left  then continue forward until you’re in a library, stay on the right wall of this library until you reach some smashable tables, break through these tables to get to an open window, be very careful out here, make your way down the ledges to the platform below, proceed forward and left to find another open window, in this window will be a chest, open it to find the Executioner’s Gloves

Tiny Tonitrus

Yahar’gul, Unseen Village
First up, proceed far enough through the story until you have defeated Rom, the Vacuous Spider, after this, head over to the Great Cathedral, careful as there’ll more than likely be a very powerful NPC waiting for you here
Once outside the Great Cathedral, take a left and follow the path all the way down to the Amygdala, be careful through here as there are several very powerful enemies
Once you can see the Amygdala, run straight through, don’t stop, continue through to be in Yahar’gul, Unseen Village, ensure you use the lamp here so if you die have a shorter distance to backtrack
From the lamp, head down the stairs, take a right and follow the path through, then head down, don’t proceed through the doorway, instead, take a left, through the broken section of wall, go to the end of the corridor then take a quick right and go down the stairs, take a left  going through the open door, go down the stairs, then back up the stairs opposite, take a right then look for a broken section of railing, carefully drop through this opening then head right, drop off the ledge to the left to land in a cell, just outside this cell on a corpse is the Tiny Tonitrus

Augur of Ebrietas

Lecture Building
The most challenging of all the special hunter tools in Bloodbornes’ main game. First up, you need to have gained access to the Nightmare Lecture Building, please see Nightmare Lecture Building for information on how to get there.
Once inside, you’ll be at the first floor lamp, continue through the building taking the only path available to end up in a room with a lot of desks and a teacher’s corpse at the front of the classroom, collect the Lecture Theatre Key from this corpse, then head out into the central corridor, take a left then head down, taking the door on the right to find yourself in another classroom, go through the door on the right to find a chest, in this chest will be the Auger of Ebrietas

Messenger’s Gift

Nightmare Frontier
You can access the Nightmare Frontier from the Nightmare Lecture Building, simply go through the door at the end of the corridor to be placed in the Nightmare Frontier
Before you go, make sure you’re stocked up on sedatives and antidotes and have some strong frenzy resistant armour equipped
Once in the Nightmare Frontier, go up the slope until you can look off a cliff and see water below, drop down here, ensuring you’re at full health before you do so, then head right, take out or run pass all of the lesser Amygdala enemies, near the end will be a Winter Lantern enemy, kill at is quickly as possible, ensuring you have your sedatives equipped. Continue down the path until you a get to a dead-end, here will be your Messenger’s Gift

A Call Beyond

Upper Cathedral Ward
Make your way to the Upper Cathedral Ward, please see The Choir, for information on how to get here, then proceed through to the Celestial Emissary boss fight, please see Celestial Emissary, for information on how to get here. Once the Celestial Emissary has been defeated, roll through the window just behind the Lumenflower Garden lamp, you will find the A Call beyond, on a corpse just after you break through the window

Choir Bell

Mergo’s Loft: Middle
Go up the stairs from the lamp, take right then get in the cage/alevator and take it down, around a third of the way down, will be an open window, jump through this window whilst the cage is still moving, it might take a couple of attempts, but you’ll get there with it soon enough. Cross the bridge, ensuring you’re stocked up on sedatives then once across, take a left then fall down the hole to your left. Once here, cross the small wooden walkway, taking care of the winter lantern. Directly in front of you will be a chest, in this chest is the Choir Bell

With all 9 special hunter tools found, your Trophy will then unlock

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