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Astros Playroom
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Collected all artefacts on the 4 main stages and the PS Labo Wow!

Guide Created By ~ Griffin

There are a total of 46 artefacts to acquire throughout Astro’s Playroom, 36 are acquired throughout the 4 main worlds (9 in each), Cooling Springs, GPU Jungle, SSD Speedway and Memory Meadow then 10 artefacts are acquired from PlayStation Labo
To acquire an artefact, you will need to either traverse a series of platforms, ledges or pathways that can vary in difficulty. Then get to the Golden Chest to acquire the artefact


Bot Beach

SIXAXIS Controller

Head over to the small island to your left, under the palm tree is a small plate, pull the wires to unlock the SIXAXIS Controller

PS Eye Camera

Jump across the wooden platforms in the water then pull the wires on the plate at the end to acquire the PS Eye Camera

Springy Spa

PS Move Sharp Shooter

Make your way through the area until you smash through the 2 diagonal glass panels, charge your jump aiming left to go through a glass window, in this new room is a box with a Diamond on it, jump in the box to unlock the PS Move Sharp Shooter artefact

PS Move Shooting Attachment

Continue through the area to where the yellow platforms are, you need to get to the top right corner of this area then jump up smashing a platform from underneath where you will receive the PS Move Shooting Attachment

Frigid Floes

PS Move Navigation Controller

After you have gone down the slide, head over to the right, pull the wires next to the water and through the item to the platform above the water to make it fall down, jump across. Pull all 2 wires then the middle wire to receive the PS Move Navigation Controller

PS3 Game Disc

Continue through Frigid Floes, crossing the frozen PlayStation symbols, take out the bots then pull the 3 wires on the snow mound to receive the PS3 Game Disc

Hotel Hopalot


Make your way through the level until you ascend the lily pad with the beach balls, rather than heading left, take a right, head across the platform, jump on the red button to lower the water. Jump down to acquire the PSP UMD

PlayStation Portable

Carry on through the area to where the playroom bots are, rather than heading up, go left through to a rotating cube with a lot of coins, make your way across to the left taking care not to fall in the water. Charge a jump to the left when at the end to receive the Playstation Portable

PlayStation 3

At the very top of Hotel Hopalot, pull the large blue wire to acquire the PlayStation 3

Collect all 9 artefacts in Cooling Springs to unlock your Such A Big Fan! Trophy



PS Move Motion Controller

Head down to the right going across the ledge, interact with the green wall where it will blow backwards, go into this room and smash the chest to receive the PS Move Motion Controller

PlayStation Vita Game Pack

After the section where the yellow cylinder falls down the hill, jump off to the left of the area before you cross the bridge, jump across and pull the wires in front of the broken wall to receive the PlayStation Vita Game Pack

Teraflop Treetops

PlayStation Camera

As you are swinging up the green bars, stay left to find a small rock climbing wall, navigate your way to the top of the wall and pull the bar to receive the PlayStation Camera

DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller

Continue up the green bars then after you climb up the small rock climbing wall section, seeing on the next bar then jump over to the right, grabbing the switch. swing on the D-Pad grabbing the small grip in the middle, then grab a grip on the next spinning circle. Drop down when you are in line with the coins then swing up to receive the DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller

Raytrace Ruins

PS VR Processor Unit

Make your way through the level until you have jumped right across the 2 triggers then use the bounce pad to jump up to a ledge that will have one green bot and one red bot, go direct right from here around a wooden platform. Pull the wires to receive the PS VR Processor Unit

PlayStation Vita

Continue through the level crossing the tightrope with the wind then when on the platform, turn around and jump off to the platform over to you right. To do so jump, spin then boost across, then hold SQUARE to charge up an attack, hitting the blue fins. Climb the tower that appears then at the very top jump and boost smashing the glass revealing the wires you need to pull to receive the PlayStation Vita

Mt. Motherboard

PS VR Headset

Continue up through the area climbing up the walls and using the bars to flip yourself up higher, when you see the puzzle piece just off to your left, jump high then off to your left to grab a black cable wrapped with yellow wire, use this cable to swing across to another rock climbing section. Wait for the square section to spin then move up quickly before it spins again. Jump up, pull the bar then jump up again to receive the PS VR Headset

PS VR Aim Controller

Carry on through the level pass the area where the Black discs fall from in front of you as you are traversing across the grips. From here, use the bars to go up then use the bar to the right to jump up and head down into a new section. Climb up the rock climbing wall taking care around the Caterpillars, at the top of the wall, use the bar to jump up to grab the PS VR Aim Controller

PlayStation 4

Get to the very top of Mt. Motherboard and pull the large blue wire to acquire the Playstation 4

Collect all 9 artefacts in GPU Jungle to unlock your Charted! Trophy

SSD Speedway

Turbo Trail

Buzz Controller

Use the Hang glider to make your way through Turbo Trail keeping an eye out to your left where you will see a Playroom bit standing on a small platform with a set of traffic lights and a few balloons. Land on this platform, then pull the wires to receive the Buzz Controller

DUALSHOCK 2 Controller

Carry on through Turbo Trail until you get to the large red and white rocket, head under it and to the back of the area where you will see a lot of stacked crates. Smash the crates out of the way then pull the wires to receive the DUALSHOCK 2 Controller

Caching Caves

PS2 Multitap

Make your way through the Caves until you get to the Steel girders, from here, head left and drop down to find a roll of detonation cord stretched out into the shape of the PlayStation symbols. Use your rocket thrusters to light the det cord blowing the wall away revealing the PS2 Multitap

PS2 Memory Card

Go through the caves until you have a piny purple spiders web above you, use maximum boost on your rocket to push through 2 spiders webs to acquire the PS2 Memory Card

Deep Database

PS2 Game Disc

Jump across the spinning satellite to your right and run to end of the path where an asteroid will smash into the ground. In this asteroid is the PS2 Game Disc

PS2 Game Disc Eye Toy Camera

Head through the level until you acquire the machine gun, from here, go back to the purple grass and jump down to the lowest platform to your right. Shoot the glass box revealing some wires, pull on these wires to acquire the EyeToy Camera

Orbital Obstacle

PlayStation 2 (slim)

Continue through the space station until you come to the yellow electrical mine going horizontally across the screen, to the right of which is an air duct you can go through. Make your way through it then carefully navigate your way through from left to right, when you have gone all the way right you can acquire the PS2 Slim

SingStar Microphone

Make your way through the level until you come to the large spinning D-Pad circles in the background and the bot turrets firing at you. Once you get to the red D-Pad, go down rather than up, taking care around the electrical mines. Then in this new area, head all the way right using your boosters to light the dynamite surrounded by PlayStation symbols. Once the structure explodes (stay out of the way of the explosion) you will receive the SingStar Microphone

PlayStation 2

Get to the top of the Orbital Obstacle level and pull the large blue cord to acquire the PlayStation 2

Collect all 9 artefacts in SSD Speedway to unlock your Welcome To The Third Place Trophy

Memory Meadow

Gusty Gateway

PlayStation Controller

Make your way through the level until you get to the robot with the blue fins, attack these fins to make a platform rotate around to you, take this platform around 270 degrees to the right side next to the cloud rather than going straight across. Make your way up and across the ledges to find some wires which you can pull to acquire the PlayStation Controller

PlayStation Mouse

Continue through the level until you come to a cloud platform that you can jump on which allows you to continue through the level. Stay on this cloud and jump off against the wall on the right, make your way up the ledges then jump to the top ledge on the right. Pull the wires to reveal the PlayStation Mouse

Fastlane Fields

PlayStation Memory Card

Go through the level until you come to a spilt in the path with a skull on a yellow sign just after the first black road section. Follow the winding path round careful not to fall off (hold the TOUCHPAD to stop and readjust if you need to) keep going until you receive the PlayStation Memory Card

PlayStation Game Disc

A little further on you will need to go pass a Skittle then jump across the pink grass. Rather than going left to go through the level, take a right taking care as you cross the black and blue striped platforms. Once across you will be able to acquire the PlayStation Game Disc


PS ONE LCD Monitor

Jump up the 3 red containers then on the floor to the left will be a small square of cloud missing, fall into the square where you will bounce up. Blow the clouds away the follow the path to the end to acquire the PS One LCD Monitor

PlayStation Multitap

Make your way through to where the electric platforms are spinning then when you’re on the platform with the checkpoint, head left, follow the path taking care around the enemies. Pull the wires at the end to receive the PlayStation Multitap

Bumper Broadway

DUALSHOCK Controller

Go through the level to the ice platform, to the left of which is a path with a danger sign. This can be tricky to navigate so take it slow (hold the TOUCHPAD down to stop the ball) Make your way around the path to acquire the DUALSHOCK Controller


Continue through then drop down to where you will see a large bumper bot to the left of which is a path with a danger sign. Be very careful as you make your way through this path, if you touch either of the bumper bots they will send you off the edge, go into the metal circle at the end which will send you up to a set of rails which you will follow round to acquire the PocketStation


At the end of Bumper Broadway, make your way up the televisions then pull the large blue cord to acquire the PlayStation

Collect all 9 artefacts in Memory Meadow to unlock your …And Conquered Worlds Trophy

In addition to the 36 artefacts listed above, you will also need to acquire 10 artefacts in PlayStation Labo all of which are acquired form the Gathca machine at the top of the Labo area
It is random as to what you will receive from the Gatcha Machine so keep playing until you have acquired all 10 artefacts. It will cost you 100 coins every time you play the Gatcha Machine and you should easily acquire enough coins as you make your way through the game collecting the other 36 artefacts, however, if you do run out of funds, simply go off and complete a few levels to rack up your money

The 10 artefacts you will need to acquire in the PlayStation Labo area are

PS2 Network Adapter

PS3 Slim

PS3 Super Slim

PS4 Pro

PS4 Slim

PS One

PSP Camera


PSP GPS Receiver

PSP Microphone

Collect all 36 artefacts throughout the 4 main worlds and the 10 artefacts from the PlayStation Labo area to unlock your Dude Raider! Trophy

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3 months ago

This is brilliant. Thank you so much, makes them really easy to find now