Here at Griffins Gaming Guides, we are a team of 2 from the UK, with a varied gaming background, 1 of us is a video game racing champion a seriously skilled FIFA player and possibly the most patient, calculating gamer out there.
Very meticulous with incredible attention to detail.
The other is a souls-borne veteran who excels at beat-em-ups, open-world and fps shooters.
Combined we have enough experience and knowledge to bring you the very best, detailed guides out there.
We both run Elgato Capture Cards for our YouTube videos, using Adobe Premiere Pro to bring you consistent guides that are easy to follow and understand giving you the best chance of obtaining your trophies and achievements.
If you’d like any further information you can contact us at either

You will notice as you are browsing the majority of our guides, we can now offer you the option to purchase games through our site, this is possible through our Amazon Affiliate Account, purchasing games won’t cost you any more money, and it helps the channel out a great deal so we can continue providing the best content we can by you helping us to keep the lights on here
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